The Basics of Choosing Event Color Schemes

You probably didn’t think that learning about colors as a child would play a critical role in your adult life. Well, the power of event color schemes shouldn’t be underestimated. Color decisions can potentially make or break your event. Let’s begin with the basics.

Color 101

Use the primary colors as your base – red, blue and yellow. They can be combined in various ways to create secondary colors, such as purple, orange and green. Then tertiary colors can then be created by combining a primary color with a secondary color, such as magenta (red + purple). To lighten a color, tint it with white. To darken a color, tone it down with black.

The Emotions of Colors

Now think about which feelings are commonly associated with various colors. Your event color scheme sets the tone and can imbue your guests which different emotions. For example, yellow is known to promote positivity and optimism, and for a more meditative mood, violet can reduce stress and foster a sense of calm.

Your Venue and Your Colors

Think carefully about what tone you want your event to have, consider your venue, and then look to your palette. Context is important in choosing event color schemes. The same color can take on a different meaning from venue to venue, depending on what colors are already present in the space. Do you want contrasting or complementary colors? Consider the following types of event color schemes:

-Monochromatic: Shades and tints of one hue of a color. For example, choose purple and various lighter shades to create an air of spirituality.

-Analogous: The pairing of a color with two colors next to it on the color wheel. For example, a series of cool colors like blue and teal can be very relaxing.

-Complementary: Choosing colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. This is the boldest decision. For example, pairing very cool colors with very warm colors can promote confidence.

Successful Affairs

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