How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Many couples want to include their pets in their special day. Our animals are, after all, a part of the family. They also provide those “awww” moments every single time, a sweet memory to be had for sure. If you are thinking of bringing your furry companion to your wedding, we suggest thinking about the following:

Check with the Wedding Venue
Most outdoor wedding venues allow pets, but indoor spaces may not be as accommodating. Some may require you to pay a pet fee or they may increase your deposit. Your party planner can definitely work out all the details in their dealings with the venue’s event manager.

Assign a Petsitter
While you want to spend time with your pet on your wedding day, you’ll invariably have other responsibilities to attend to. Mingling with guests, throwing bouquets, and cutting cake require strict attention to detail! Having a petsitter will take the stress out of having your pet at your wedding. They will care for them, make sure they have food and water, get rest, and remain well behaved throughout the reception. It’s a good idea to ask a close friend or family member, someone who is comfortable with your pet and someone your pet is calm and familiar with.

Plan Overnight Accommodations
If you are staying in a hotel the night of your wedding and want to keep your pet with you, make sure the hotel is pet friendly. You don’t want to find out last minute that you don’t have proper arrangements for your pet. More than likely, you’ll want to have your pet transported with a trusted friend back to their home or somewhere they will be looked after. Make sure to bring everything your pet will need, including any medications, toys, and food.

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